E-cargo bike: riding and parking responsibly

E-cargo bikes are a fantastic, low emission way to transport heavier loads, but they're a little different to a normal bike. This course will take you through some key tips for a fun, safe and considerate ride.

Riding an e-cargo bike safely

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Check the control panel - the lights and pedal assist need to be switched on.

Make sure you adjust the seat height appropriately.

Make sure you are comfortable with the weight in the cargo box - test if necessary.

Make sure there is no more than an 80kg load in the cargo box - no children or people please.

You can try out an e-cargo bike for the first time on a quiet road. The handling can feel slightly different from a regular bike.

Be mindful of the bike's size and do not attempt to weave through traffic.

Quiz Time!

What is the maximum weight you can put in the cargo box on the bike?

Parking an e-cargo bike responsibly

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Be aware that an e-cargo bike is nearly 2m long, so please only park on the pavement if it is wide enough.

Check for public access points and don’t park in front of a fire exit, doorway, driveway or gate.

Check to see if there is parking adjacent to similar vehicle types, such as motorcycles.

Quiz Time!

What does parking responsibly look like?

Pausing your ride

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The lock and the pausing process are the same as a regular Beryl bike.

Be aware the cargo box does not lock, so do not leave valuables unattended.

The pause period is 2 hours.

Quiz Time!

How long is the maximum pause duration?

Congratulations, you did it!

Let your car go and have a cargo ride on us.

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