Full Course

This is the nuts and the bolts of scooter preparation! The Full Course will help you get the very best from your scooting experience.

Before you start

Please take a look at our important riding info before starting the guide.

    • Lesson 1 / 3
    • 3 mins

    Prepare to Scoot

    This introductory section covers parts you may have completed already in the Quick Start Guide. If so, simply skip these sections and start on the next level stuff!

    Man putting on a helmet
    • Lesson 2 / 3
    • 5 mins

    Go. Stop. Turn.

    You’re nearly ready to set off. Yay! But before you get the green light, try practicing off-road, so you’re super familiar with your scooter. Somewhere quiet, with a dry, hard surface. Always avoid pavements, unless they’re clearly shared with cyclists.

    man pushing off on beryl e-scooter
    • Lesson 3 / 3
    • 7 mins

    Hit the Road

    When you feel confident in your scooter skills, we’ll help you take that confidence out onto the road. We’ll teach you to scoot with self-assurance, so your rights as an equal road user are respected.

    Woman wearing a helmet with a scooter beside the seafront

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