Go. Stop. Turn.

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Before you start

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Off you go - starting out

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Before stepping on, pull both brakes to keep your scooter steady.

Put your left foot in the middle of the platform. Release the brakes.

Push off with your right foot. Push down on the throttle with your thumb.

Put your right foot behind your left. Get ready for the power to kick in.

Your hands should always cover the brakes, apart from when signalling.

What’s coming? Look ahead, not down at your feet.

Happy with the speed? Relax those arms and shoulders!

Practice adjusting your speed with the throttle and both brakes. Nice!

In a shared pedestrian space? Scoot at a walking pace, or thereabouts. Easy does it.

Bending your knees will help over bumps, humps, and rough surfaces.

Quiz Time!

Where should you be looking when you’ve set off?

Whoah there! Performing basic stops.

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Release throttle.

Gently pull both brakes.

Put your foot on the ground.

Quiz Time!

After you’ve released the throttle to stop, which brake should you gently pull?

Halt! Performing emergency stops.

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Keep both feet to the rear of the platform.

Pull both brakes sharply, bracing your arms.

Bend knees. Move body backward.

Put your foot on the ground.

Quiz Time!

Before putting your foot on the ground what should you do to perform an emergency stop?

A turn for the better.

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Glance behind before turning to check for people overtaking.

It’s worth practicing looking behind you as you ride. Turn at the hips to see more.

Your Beryl scooter comes with indicators – the buttons are on the handlebar.

Avoid using hand signals if you can, unless your model doesn't have indicators.

Lean in the direction you’re turning, especially at high speed.

Accelerate halfway through the turn.

Remember to keep two hands on the handlebar when turning.

Quiz Time!

What should you do half way through the turn?

Avoid that hazard

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Practice counter-steering.

Move the handlebars towards the hazard, then quickly away (in an S shape).

Go around the hazard, but stay close to it, to keep your line.

Quiz Time!

What shape path should you aim for when avoiding a hazard?

Part 2 Complete!

Fantastic work! If you found that lesson useful we have even more great tips in the next one!

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