Prepare to Scoot

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Before you start

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Why scooters?

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No emissions

Scooters aren’t polluters – big tick

Less congestion

Travel short distances much faster

Get mobile

Explore new places, or visit favourite spots, easy

Save money

No big upfront costs or regular expenses

Great outdoors

Feel the sun on your face, the wind through your hair

Improved balance

Feel a real sense of control as you whiz about


There’s a genuine joy to scooting – experience it for yourself!

Quiz Time!

Which of the following statements are true about scooters?

Getting prepared

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Wear something comfortable.
Keep warm, stay cool.

Consider bright, visible clothing,
especially at night.

Carry your stuff in a backpack,
NOT off your handlebars.

Helmets should be snug. Caps and sunglasses can protect eyes from glare and rain.

What’s the weather doing? Avoid scooting on wet, icy roads, or in strong winds.

Keep an eye out for cycle routes – they’re safe and tend to be scooter-friendly.

Avoid extra parking charges. Check your destination is in a geofenced area using the Beryl app.

Quiz Time!

Where should you carry a backpack on a scooter?

Meet your Beryl scooter

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Hold your phone over the unlock pad on the handlebar, or enter the scooter ID number if requested.

The scooter will emit a noise (like a quack) and the front and rear lights will turn on, as will the display in the centre of the handlebar.

Check the display to see it has enough charge for your trip. Four bars means fully charged.

Quiz Time!

How would you unlock a Beryl scooter?

Giving your scooter the once-over

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Check the brakes: roll the scooter forward and pull the front (right-hand) brake lever. The scooter should stop sharply.

Roll the scooter backwards and pull the left-hand brake lever to check the rear brake.

Check there is no movement in the handlebar and stem by squeezing both brakes and rocking the handlebar.

Check the front and rear lights are lit.

Any issues, please let Beryl know via the app. Use another scooter if you do have concerns.

Quiz Time!

Which brake lever operates the front brake on a Beryl scooter

Help is at hand

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Beryl also offers practical scooter training sessions. These short courses give you the skills and confidence to get the most out of riding a scooter.

You’ll learn to control the scooter effectively and efficiently, and get the key skills to scoot on the road with minimum risk.

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