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Why ride a scooter?

Scooters let you travel
quickly, effortlessly,

Why is it safe to ride scooters?

Beryl is a registered e-scooter provider with the Department for Transport. Our scooters are designed to high standards and safety specifications. In line with the UK government rules for the e-scooter trials, we cap all Beryl scooters at 12.5mph, which is under the DfT recommended top speed of 15.5mph. Our geofencing technology incentivises parking and increases safety by implementing slow-speed zones.

How are Beryl scooters maintained?

Safety is at the heart of all that we do. Beryl’s fleet is looked after by the dedicated Beryl maintenance teams and all of our scooters undergo regular servicing and cleaning. Any scooter handled by Beryl operatives is given a thorough safety check before it is made available to hire. Our scooters have a robust battery system which is monitored by Beryl’s customer service team via their built-in telemetry. The team is alerted when a battery swap is needed.

Why has the training been developed?

Scooters are a relatively new mode of transport in the UK and we believe that, as operators, we must educate users to ensure their safe and enjoyable use. In 2021 we launched the first in-person scooter training course, led by qualified Bikeability instructors – the Department for Transport’s national cycle training provider. Participants learn how to use scooters or roads and cycle lanes safely and how to use an array of smart features found on Beryl scooters and in the Beryl app. This training is an extension of that course aimed at providing users with all the resources they need to ride safely and park responsibly. Beryl has made the training accessible for everyone regardless of driving experience, you will leave feeling confident of how to operate a Beryl scooter safely.

What are the other benefits?

Not only are scooters an affordable and sustainable way of getting from A to B, but riders benefit from the freedom of ding so in a way that’s fun. They provide a convenient and more environmentally-friendly alternative to the car, which can reduce harmful emissions and relieve the user from having to deal with traffic congestion. As a relatively new mode of transport in the UK, they offer the perfect way to be more environmentally friendly whilst also letting our inner child be free!

Better for everyone
Leaner, cleaner and greener - no toxic fumes and no noise pollution

I’m keen to do my bit for the environment. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Mike K

Woman wearing a helmet with a scooter beside the seafront
Move faster
Get there quicker and ease congestion in your town or city - get from A to B with an E!

I often use scooters instead of the car to make small local trips. It’s quicker and easier.

Jane G

Man putting on a helmet
Move more
Easy to access, ride and park
Woman laughing in a hoodie

I’m using a scooter loads. It couldn’t be easier to get going. Bay parking means no untidy pavements. They’re definitely my go-to to zip about town now

Ajab R

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