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The more you know and the better skilled you are, the more you’ll love scooting with Beryl! Take a look at our online and real world learning opportunities.

Online courses to skill up now

Woman wearing a helmet with a scooter beside the seafront

Quick Start Guide

  • 1 lesson
  • 5 mins

A short, sharp course that offers a helpful introduction to scooting and your Beryl scooter.

Get 15 free Beryl minutes on completion!

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Full Course

  • 3 lessons
  • 15 mins

A more in-depth course that gets you set for the road, with many essential pointers and tips.

Get 30 free Beryl minutes on completion!

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In-person events for hands-on instruction


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Want more confidence riding a bike? We’ve partnered with Bikeability Trust to give Beryl discounts to anyone who completes one of their courses.

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Scoot Happy Community

woman wearing bike helmet

"The course was very informative and well thought through. I felt safer after learning how to use the scooter."

Maggie G
Man wearing bike helmet and looking at phone

"Love that you guys exist, the tone and detail of the training was great - all good stuff :)"

Ben L
Man fastening bike helmet

"I really enjoyed the course, learnt so much and would highly recommend it. I have already told friends about it."

Huw P
Woman looking at camera

“Lots of good road safety tips given as well as operating instructions for the Beryl scooter. I would recommend the course for anyone thinking of using a Beryl scooter.”

Moiraine D
Young male profile picture

“Excellent course... I feel it should be mandatory for all scooter riders.”

Mat C
Male profile picture

"I found the course enjoyable, I now know the correct position to be on the road. This is now embedded in me making me a safer rider. Thank you."

Perrin A

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